Business ebooks are a brilliant marketing tool for any business. They give you an edge over your competitors and create activity around your website from readers getting stuck-in to what you’ve got to say!

Business ebooks help you build a reputation as an expert in your industry in a format that’s easy to read, and gives great value to your website visitors.

Business ebooks are a great tool to drive people to your website. With great content you can promote your brand through social media channels and other marketing methods to encourage people to sign-up to newsletters and mailing lists, and build trusting relationships with detailed content that really benefits your target audience.

The more valuable content you’ve got on your website, the more reason for your visitors to come to you.

Encourage email sign-ups
Drive traffic to your website
Establish your authority as an expert in your field
Build relationships with clients and customers
Get long term results with content that keeps working

How could you use your business ebooks?

What does your audience want to know?

How can your clients benefit from your expertise?

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Should I use business ebooks or a blog?

Both can be used in a similar way, but ebooks are more friendly for longer copy. eBooks are also better suited to downloading or printing to distribute to clients at events. Why not use a blog to feed into a more detailed ebook?

Should I charge for my ebook?

That’s up to you. Just remember that a business ebook benefits both you and your audience. And when used properly your return will come from the leads it creates for your business.

How long should my business eBook be?

As a general rule, the more benefits there are to the reader, the longer it needs to be. Don’t stretch something over 10 pages just to make it look bigger. Your readers will only read if it continues to offer some value. But business eBooks are written so it’s easy for the reader to skim and scan to relevant sections. So don’t be afraid of making it longer.

How will I get people to read it?

Easy. First, make it relevant and purposeful. Then just show people it’s there! Use your social media, email marketing, networking, and conversations with customers and potential clients to point them to it.