Drew Brown CopywriterAbout me the copywriter


I’m not going to bore you with how I became a copywriter. Or tell you my life story. Instead, here are 6 simple reasons why you should choose Brown’s Copywriting.

In no particular order.

My writing gets to the point

Some people write without thinking about their point. I find out the point, then get to it. No waffle.

I meet deadlines

I know the pressure of trying to pull projects together, and the knock on effect of one part of the team not pulling their finger out. So you can relax knowing that when we agree to a deadline, you won’t have to wait for your copywriter.

I focus on the benefits

So many people believe that in order to sell a product or a service, you have to describe in depth all the services that you offer, and how you go about it, and how long you’ve been trading for. The simple truth is, your audience wants to know HOW IT BENEFITS THEM! So I’ll make sure we tell them.

I am your audience

As your copywriter, I become your audience. I go all thespian, like. Method acting.

That way I can focus on making sure that what I write reflects what your audience MUST know about you, not what you WANT to tell them!

I want to know about you and your business

Everyone says it now don’t they? Well it’s a must for any good copywriter. I’m not happy until I know enough about your business, your personality, and how you want to be presented, to be able to turn all that into words!

Super simple process

My simple and easy process means that each step of the drafting process requires minimal effort on your part. You won’t have to spend hours managing my side of the project, so you really will save time getting purposeful content. And I’ll liaise with any other professionals you have working on the project, so you don’t have to.

Call me now on 07772 892 698 for copywriting that works harder for your business