Everyone’s always busy.

So my copywriting process is as simple as possible to save you valuable time and still allow me to get all the information I need to write copy that works.

Step 1

The call

Give me a call or drop me an email and let’s get the copywriting process started! I’ll make sure I understand exactly what you want to achieve from your copy and decide how we can do it.

Step 2

The quote

I’ll give you a quote for the copy to be written, so you know exactly what it will cost and the product you’ll be getting at the end.

Step 3

The Design Brief

This is where your ideas begin to take shape! I’ll send you a simple Fact Find to help you begin thinking about the style and tone of your brand, and get some ideas flowing.

We’ll arrange to speak when it’s convenient for you, so I can understand exactly what I’m writing. I’ll discuss your ideas with you and make sure I’ve got all the information I need to write every page.

Step 4

The First Draft

I’ll send you a first draft, in full. That way you can set aside a convenient time to read the whole thing and suggest any amendments you want me to make. I’ll then make any changes and make sure it’s perfect.

Step 5

The Final Draft

I’ll send you over the final draft for you to have one final check through. And provided you’re happy that the copy fits with the original brief, we’re done! Until next time…

Call me on 07772 892 698 for copy that works harder for your business

Every project is different. But this copywriting process works because it makes sure everyone knows what’s happening all the way through. It keeps it efficient, whilst still giving the chance to make amendments and make sure it’s perfect.

With much bigger projects with many different elements, the copywriting process may change to suit your project, but from the very beginning it will be clear how we’ll create great copy.