Organic SEO

Rank better on search engines and grow your own success

Organic SEO will help your website rank higher in search engine results, meaning more leads and more sales. But what does organic SEO mean?

Your website needs to be like one of those gardens you see at the Chelsea Flower Show: imaginative, original and beautiful designs; exotic flowers; and something new and exciting to draw the crowds in.

There’s a buzz about it, and those people who saw it tell others. And they also tell others. And before you know it, everyone knows about your garden.

But if you don’t keep on top of it, it quickly becomes old, tired and no longer serves its purpose. Nobody wants to walk through it any more, the bees have buzzed off (sorry), and it quickly becomes just another garden. Much like mine, in fact. For organic SEO your website needs to follow the same principles:

If it doesn’t make people want to visit it, `like` it, `follow` it, `+1` it or `link` to it, it will be ineffective. If you don’t water it, it won’t grow. Now I’m not a gardening man, but I can help you create a buzz with organic SEO.

So how can you improve your organic SEO?

Natural, organic growth of your website across the web is not only effective for SEO, but strengthens your brand name and creates a good impression. Ask yourself:

  • Is your copy interesting and compelling? If it isn’t worth reading, people won’t visit your site.
  • How effectively are your keywords and phrases embedded through your site? The company name splashed around on a few pages won’t cut it.
  • Does it have new and exciting content, regularly updated? You don’t want your website to be out dated and irrelevant, so think about business blogging or adding some business ebooks.
  • How well written are your business blogs and social media pages? How many people follow them? (You do have a blog and social media pages don’t you?)

If you want new and interesting content with organic SEO, call me on 07772 892 698.

What about other methods of SEO?

It’s true, some companies can bump you up the rankings quickly, if you pay them enough. But search engines change how they rank sites regularly and weed out the sites that have found loopholes to reach the top spot. You might have to dig back into your pockets again. You may have paid to get your website to number 1 through a detailed of the algorithms, but how much will it cost to keep it there? If you want to read more about quick SEO tips from Google itself, click on the link.