When building a new website you want it look perfect. You want it reinforce your brand and create a great first impression about your business. And that’s exactly what your website copy has to do too!

I write benefit-driven website copy that works hard for your business by helping to create leads and sell what you have on offer. It will reinforce your brand and create a great impression for your potential clients, building value into each of your services.

Just remember that after your potential customer has looked at your page, they’re going to read it. And for many clients your website is their first, if not the only impression they’ll get of your business. So you need to make sure you stand out from your competitors and impress your audience with original, purposeful and concise website copy.

Outshine your competitors with purposeful and easily-accessible copy
Convert traffic into leads and increase your sales
Reinforce your brand and give a voice to your business
Improve your search engine ranking
Connect with your target audience

Customised packages

Every website is unique and depends heavily on your audience, your industry, and what you’re selling.

I’ll learn more about what you need and what type of website copy will compliment your website. After I know exactly what you need I’ll provide you with a formal quote for the copywriting to be done. I don’t charge per hour or per word. Just one brief, one quote, one price.

Call on 07772 892 698 or fill in the contact form on the link below and give me some information about what you’re looking for.

Get in touch

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How do you work out your rates?

I don’t charge per word or per hour. Once we’ve had chance to discuss what you need I’ll have a clear idea of the scope of the copywriting you want. Then I’ll provide you with a fixed quote for the whole project.

How many words do I get per page?

300 – 400 words is ideal. It’s great for SEO and the right amount to be able to develop the value in your business. Don’t worry, your website copy won’t be one big heavy block of writing. We’ll be creative with structure and spread the words out so it’s still easy to read and doesn’t put your reader off.

Will my audience bother reading it?

Audiences may not read all of it. And they may only skim and scan through a few of your pages. But your website copy will be focused on your audience and written in a way that allows them to skim through it and still pick up the good bits!

My website is mainly visual, do I need copy?

A picture paints a thousand words, yes. But just one word can change the meaning of the picture. So don’t dismiss is straight away. Instead, imagine it from your audience’s perspective and think what you could tell them that adds value and benefit to your images.